Western Cadet Band

In the year 2016, the Western Band reached the 48th mile stone and the Western Cadet Band reached its 44th mile stone. As the best band in the 1st Battalion of the National Cadet Corps, we participated in the annual All Island competition camp-2000 organized by the N.C.C. There, we were able to defeat five bands and were placed sixth. Also, there we were selected as the team with a greatest Self-confidence at the obstacle competition. In the new millennium celebration of Independence we were able to give leadership to other school bands. As one of the important units in the school, we made great contributions at the Big match celebrations, sportsmeet, prize giving, aquatic sports meet and at all other ceremonies at school.

With the experience gained at the competition camp-2000 practices were started targeting on the competition camp-2001. During the year 2001 we made our contribution to the Big match, sports meet, prize giving and the ceremonies organized by the Education Department. As at the previous year, alms were given to those two orphanages and to the mental hospital in Unawatuna on ‘Poson’ full moon Poya day.

The All Island Cadet Band Competition 2001 began on 4th October and we participated in the camp with great self-confidence and with high hopes. There we were able to win 1st places in Map reading, General knowledge, Police duties and the hut (billet) keeping competitions. Finally we were able to get the All Island 5th place among thirteen western cadet bands.

We think the secret being successful in the year 2000 and 2001 than in the previous years is the unity and by the 1st Battalion. We hope to do better and gain a higher place at the competition camp 2002 and at the Southern Province schools band competition which is to be held in the year 2002.