Life at Mahinda

At Mahinda, our rigorous academic program challenges students to grow to new heights and think beyond the boundaries of standard ideas. Similarly, our rich extracurricular offerings encourage students to try new activities, develop new talents, and become dynamic and well-rounded individuals.

Our student life programs enrich the lives of our students by providing much-needed recreational activities, promoting community, helping students make lasting friendships, and providing morally-grounded social opportunities.

We are a boarding school as well as a day school, so we provide rich college life opportunities that range from regular athletic team practices and performing arts rehearsals on weekdays to varied social activities and community service opportunities on the weekends.

We encourage Mahindians to participate in all aspects of life at Mahinda, and we strive to make it easy for students to get involved. From no-cut policies in athletics to a performing arts program that involves more than half of the student body, there are many ways to get involved in student life at Mahinda.

At Mahinda, we also work hard to provide our students with a safe, supportive environment. Our boarding students are housed under the watchful guidance of caring house parents and resident assistants.